Avebury Library Opens

The Avebury Library opened in March 2011 at the Masroor Senior Secondary School in Old Yundum. This school is run by Humanity First, and like many in the Gambia, lacked decent library and research facilities. Humanity First, with the assistance of Lord Avebury of the UK, has built a purpose built library with modern aluminum and glass shelving.All books have been cataloged and indexed using the international Dewey Decimal system The library also contains internet access, multimedia facilities to view documentaries, cubicles and a vast array of reference books on most subjects.

In a visit to the library in March, Mr Mbye, the Director of the National Library in Banjul remarked "This library has no match in this country, it is extremely beautiful, and you have even gone ahead of the National Library as you have a computerized indexing system which is beyond our reach . It will be a model for other schools."

Humanity First is assisting other schools also with library and science laboratory facilities and has been able to assist schools in Barra, Mansa Konko, Bansang and Basse.