About Us

The Gambia is Africa’s smallest country, surrounded on both sides by Senegal. Although the thin sliver of land straddles the Gambia river, soil quality means that the people rely upon peanut farming, with some exports of fish, cotton, rice and palm kernels. The Atlantic coastline means that tourism is a growing source of revenue, however many of the local villages do not have electricity or running water.

Humanity First started formally as a registered charity in 1994 in the U.K. Since its inception, HF has responded to several disasters and served hundreds of thousands of victims in various affected communities. Soon, the organisation’s scope of operations expanded beyond disaster relief to several sustainable human development projects and initiatives around the world.

Today, Humanity First is registered in 43 countries across 6 continents. Its operations are primarily funded by grass root donations from individuals, corporate gift matching, and various other grants. The dedicated volunteers of Humanity First are the force behind the good work that the organisation delivers, who bring their professional industry experience to the benefit of the affected communities. It also leverages preferential rates for relief equipment, logistics, and other needed supplies benefiting from global sourcing.

Humanity First has been active in The Gambia for many years, and the flagship project is the school and facilities complex in Old Yundum. HF has been sending qualified medical experts, engineers and teachers to The Gambia to help kick-start projects in the country and to transfer skills and knowledge to local people.