Welcome to Humanity First Gambia

The Gambia is Africa’s smallest country, surrounded on both sides by Senegal. Although the thin sliver of land straddles the Gambia river, soil quality means that the people rely upon peanut farming, with some exports of fish, cotton, rice and palm kernels. The Atlantic coastline means that tourism is a growing source of revenue, however many of the local villages do not have electricity or running water.


About Us

Humanity First started formally as a registered charity in 1994 in the U.K. Since its inception, HF has responded to several disasters and served hundreds of thousands of victims in various affected communities. Soon, the organisation’s scope of operations expanded beyond disaster relief to several sustainable human development projects and initiatives around the world.

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Humanity First has been active in The Gambia for many years, and the flagship project is the school and facilities complex in Old Yundum. HF has been sending qualified medical experts, engineers and teachers to The Gambia to help kick-start projects in the country and to transfer skills and knowledge to local people. Another line of text is recommended for balance.

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Recent News

Medical Camps in Panchang

Humanity First has been running regular medical camps in Panchang, east of Farafenni. At each camp, HF medical teams including staff and students from Banjul University have been able to treat and provide medication to hundreds of local patients. HF is also exploring a longer term programme in which it would seek to train village nurses and matrons in the latest techniques in dealing with mothers and babies to improve healthcare in The Gambia in a more sustainable way.

Avebury Library Opens

The Avebury Library opened in March 2011 at the Masroor Senior Secondary School in Old Yundum. This school is run by Humanity First, and like many in the Gambia, lacked decent library and research facilities. Humanity First, with the assistance of Lord Avebury of the UK, has built a purpose built library with modern aluminum and glass shelving.All books have been cataloged and indexed using the international Dewey Decimal system The library also contains internet access, multimedia facilities to view documentaries, cubicles and a vast array of reference books on most subjects.

Sitta 'Feed a Village' Programme

The village of Sitta between Bwiam and Sibanor is the focus of Humanity First's 'Feed a Village' programme in The Gambia. Here, the ladies farm and harvest many crops in difficult conditions. Humanity First initially began helping this village a few years ago.

Now, HF has refurbished two water hand-pumps in the village, and has provided a cous milling machine to make harvesting and processing of the cous crop much easier for the women.

Desert Fridge

HF has successfully trialled a new concept in The Gambia called Desert Fridge. Based on a simple design of two clay pots, one inside the other, with wet sand in between, the concept has been proven in the Banjul area to keep fruit and vegetables fresh for 18 days. Sample pots were made and tested in Lamin, Faraba Banta and Bafulato, small towns in the Brikama and Yundum area not too far from the capital Banjul. HF Gambia is now working on training local pot-makers and providing guidance to local farmers so that the concept is perpetuated throughout the country.

Masroor School goes from strength to strength

The Masroor High School in the HF Old Yundum Campus is going from strength to strength. The school now has around 700 pupils studying in two shifts. Results from the recent national exams have been very encouraging. HF has a full roster of teachers covering a full curriculum of subjects including Maths, Sciences, English, Economics, History, Agriculture, Geography, Accounting, IT, Physical Education and IT. Further investments are being made by HF in the Science Labs, sports field, IT Labs and Library.

IT Centres

HF now has 4 IT centres running in the Gambia and almost 4,500 students have so far graduated in a range of courses including Microsoft Office, Infrastructure Management and Internet.